YouTube Vs GUDSHO: Which One Serves Well To Filmmakers?

As a filmmaker, the first place to upload a film comes to mind is “YouTube.” Because why not, it is one of the oldest platforms and also the most popular video monetization platform. It has millions of YouTubers and viewers which also gives an idea about its tremendous traffic.

However as great as it looks, YouTube has seen many downfalls in the previous years and it can not be stated as a great place anymore, especially with its restrictions for the creators that seem never-ending. Also, if you are not already established on the platform, it becomes even more demotivating since new creators are bound to face many obstructions.

So what is the solution? Well, there are many platforms out there that are doing even better than YouTube. These platforms have been continuously improving themselves and making the space more friendly for both creators and viewers.

One such video-sharing platform is GUDSHO which, being a newer platform, has been establishing many milestones. In this post today, we will talk about some differences between YouTube and GUDSHO. We will also determine why it is a good idea to go with GUDSHO; however, the last call is yours only.

Let’s get started.


Before comparing both of these platforms, let’s consider that neither YouTube nor GUDSHO is perfect. Both have their pros and cons and have different types of audiences. Speaking of which, what resonates with one kind of creator might not be relevant to another creator.

For example, if you are someone who regularly uploads videos or content to keep your audience engaged, YouTube might be the platform. However, if you are a creator who publishes short films, indie films, or even full-length films once in a while and only wants the right audience to watch it, you may consider GUDSHO as a relevant platform.

So first you need to consider which kind of creator you are, and accordingly, you should finalize a platform. If you are behind the traffic and if only views matter to you, then YouTube might sound good to you. But if you are more about quality and only fetching the targeted audience then premium platforms like GUDSHO might be your best choice.

1) The Income Aspect

Everyone wants to create some amount of money with the time and effort they spend. As a short film creator, you want to convey your message to the right audience. Now, there is a rare chance that your film will get viral unless you have millions of followers already.

In this case, youtube video monetization doesn’t come as an option since the advertisements disrupt the overall experience of the viewers and they end up getting irritated. Since YouTube mainly offers earnings via running ads, your short film won’t generate much on the platform. This is because short film enthusiasts are hardly interested in tolerating advertisements and ads also make them disinterested in your creation.

Plus, ads do not earn you a significant amount of money, and hence, it is not worth presenting your short film on YouTube.

Instead, when you go with GUDSHO, you can earn from subscriptions, rentals, and donations while getting your content targeted to the right audience instead of the irrelevant crowd.

2) The Privacy Aspect

On a platform like YouTube, everything is public and accessible. Anyone can watch your videos even if they do not have an account. Also, YouTube is popular for facing copyright issues because anyone can use anyone’s content.

However, GUDSHO as a premium streaming and monetization platform understands the value of your privacy. They make sure that no invasion happens with your content and the theft of your content does not occur. So if you want only authorized people to stream your content and if you do not want anyone to steal your idea or content, opt for GUDSHO and create comfortably.

3) The Long List Of Rules

Or should we say the never-ending list of rules?

YouTube has been bringing rules every month and year. There have been many changes since 2005, and let’s not forget, YouTube has not become much creator-friendly in recent years as well..

These rules of YouTube make it hard for new creators to survive where they lose more than half of their energy understanding how YouTube actually works. Also, even if you are an established creator, don’t forget the fact that YouTube has banned accounts with millions of followers in a blink and without showing any mercy.

GUDSHO on the other hand liberates its creators to create content without worrying about getting demonetization issues. They want you to follow the basic set of rules like any regular streaming platform and let you be more creative with your work. All in all, when you are on GUDSHO, your account doesn’t get demonetized without a fair reason.

4) Not Having Control Over Ads

On YouTube, anyone can put an ad on your videos which means even your competitors can run their ads on your videos. If it happens, it is only going to take your image down and strengthen your competitors’.

YouTube does not offer you control over which ads you want to run and which you do not. Since ad-running is the primary means of generating revenue for the creators, they do not have much choice and they have to accept this practice.

On GUDSHO, the earnings happen on your videos via subscriptions, rentals, and donations. Hence you do not have to worry about competitors running ads on your videos. Instead, you upload your content and your audience pays for the subscription or rental which makes it a better youtube alternative monetization platform.

Other Alternatives To Try Your Hands On

Creators should not hold back their love for creation and they should also be rewarded for the same. That is why here we bring some best alternatives to YouTube that can be next on your list.


Patreon is the kind of platform that is slowly but surely making the world realize its value. It ensures that creators get paid for their effort and feel appreciated. They let you choose from their two monetization options where viewers can choose the monthly membership or rent the content for a specific period or both.

The platform offers you more control than YouTube and you don’t have to tolerate any advertisers as well.


Some creators expect more earnings as they spend hours of energy and work into their creations. Here comes the MakerStreamer which supports you economically more and lets you earn big bucks from your creations. Viewers who come to this platform are the ones who are ready to pay to access the premium content.


If you are into creating premium content for which you need the specific audience, GUDSHO can be the right choice. They feature niches like Fitness, Education, and Films and hence are more industry-specific than YouTube. So if your works fall into any of these categories and if you want to create with minimum obstructions, innovative features, smooth UI, and subscription models like TVOD, SVOD, and Donations, this is your go-to platform.


Vimeo is known for its many features and large user base. The platform is known for its hosting, sharing, and lead generation like tools. Vimeo lets you publish videos even in 4K quality while supporting live streaming. They also provide many customizing options and the ability to embed your videos on any URL to engage more audience. So if this is what sounds soothing to you, opt for Vimeo and acquire a more targeted audience.


DTube is dear to those who want to earn in cryptocurrency. The platform uses blockchain technology and handles financial operations in a decentralized way, doing justice to its name “DTube.” However, the interface is not a fancy one and the size of the audience is smaller than many other platforms. But if the idea of earning crypto excites you, then give it a try.

By choosing an ideal platform, you make sure that your effort gets recognized correctly and that you receive the credit due. Without choosing the right platform, no matter how content-rich your videos are, it gets in vain. You can also consider some new video-sharing platforms, and analyze their features and technical aspects that you need from a streaming platform; it will help you go with the right option and cut down on the unnecessary.

Youtube Vs GUDSHO: Which One Should You Pick?

Now that you have a fine idea about both GUDSHO and YouTube, it comes easier to pick. However, before finalizing the one, we need you to consider these questions and decide accordingly.

Ask yourself these questions before deciding on the right streaming platform:

  • Who is my target audience and on which platform it would engage more?
  • What kind of content do I want to create?
  • In which niche do I want to create?
  • How do I want to monetize my videos?
  • Do I want to stream my content only to authorized people?

These are some of the important questions that you need to ask yourself before you go with GUDSHO or any other video-sharing platforms like YouTube.

Those who are into specific niches and want to attract only the right audience should choose a platform that provides niche-specific streaming. GUDSHO for example works best if you upload videos related to education, health and fitness, and short films.

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