Best Cake Decorating Ideas for Birthdays – 6 Simple Cakes Designs

One of the most exciting components of constructing a birthday cake is brainstorming and collecting ideas for it. Getting ideas is as simple as clicking a few buttons these days, thanks to the convenience of the internet. Finding birthday cake ideas may be a lot of fun, but it can also be rather frightening, especially if you have left it to the last minute to start looking for inspiration. The following are some recommendations and ideas to help you get your creative juices flowing or how you can Order Cake Online.

Cakes accompanied by an electric guitar

That music enthusiast in your family will appreciate this thoughtful gift, which is also surprisingly simple to put together. Using a poster board stencil, we cut out the guitar body and neck for the project. Assemble the two pieces of cake and cover with a thin layer of frosting to finish off. After that, we decorated it with frosting in a variety of colours and added. After that, we were instantly recognised as guitar heroes.

Birthday Cakes with Butterflies

This cake is simple to prepare and decorate. Begin with a 9-inch round cake that has had the dome trimmed off. Cake should then be cut in the shape of a peace sign. Turn the four cake pieces over so that all four corners face the centre, and you’ll have an excellent looking butterfly form that’s simple to decorate however you like.

Cakes with a Fire Engine

Who didn’t like firefighters as a kid? So, how about a fire engine cake? Cut the domes off three 8×4 cakes to create a flat surface on both sides. Then take two of the cakes and stack them one on top of the other, using frosting to hold them together. Cut the third cake in half and stack the halves on top of each other, standing them on end. Then, in front of the other cake, position it on end. This is how your fire engine’s cab will look. Then use red frosting to add embellishments and pipe them on.

Cake for a Princess

Three 8-inch round cakes, one cake baked in a four- to six-inch deep dish, and one Barbie doll are required to make this cake. Remove the dome from the 8-inch round cakes so that they are flat on all sides, then cut a 2-inch hole in the centre of each. Stack all three 8-inch round cakes on top of one another, with pink icing between them. Then invert and set the cake that was baked in a bowl on top. To begin decorating, place the Barbie doll in the centre hole. Your princess’s attire is made from cake.

Cake with Dinosaurs

You’ll need two nine-inch cakes to produce this extraordinary online birthday cake idea. Cutaway roughly a quarter of the cake from the first cake, leaving a slightly larger form than a half-circle. Then cut a U shape in the centre from the flat side of the half-circle shape, cutting from the flat side up to the top rounded side. This will be the body of your dinosaur, about two inches up and over. Then, using a stencil, cut out the head and tail shapes from the second cake and place them on the other cake’s body shape. On one end, the tail shape goes, and on the other, the head shape departs. Ice the cake and add accessories.

Cake with a Castle

Okay, for this fancy castle cake, you’ll need four 8-inch square cakes. Cut the dome of the top of each cake so that it’s flat on both sides once more. Next, stack three cakes, one on top of the other, with pink frosting between them to keep them together. After that, cut the fourth cake into quarters and place two pieces in the middle of the three you’ve already stacked. Starting with a crumb coat of icing, frost the cake now. Invert four ice cream cones and set one on each of the cake’s four corners. These will be the castle’s towers. Frost the entire cake and add highlights with different coloured icings, such as doors and windows. order cake online lucknow and make your kids happy.

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