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How to Decorate your Bedroom Following the Vastu Shastra

Decorate Your Bedroom – The Vastu Shastra philosophy depends on the flow of cosmic energy within the home spaces. It is the collection of concepts and ideas. It is believed to enhance the inflow of energies into the house when applied correctly in the home’s architecture and design. Hence, it affects the individual’s life in the house positively. Vastu also helps you to lead a balanced life with the five elements of nature: space, fire, air, water, and earth. Here is a few Vastu for Bedroom guidelines that you must implement when decorating the room to make it more restful space with positive energies.    

Vastu Guidelines for Bedroom

  • According to Vastu, the door that opens in the bedroom is referred to as the gateway to positive opportunities from where positive energies flow in. So, the doors in the bedroom must be positioned in a way that it opens in full or at least in 90 degrees so that positive energies can freely flow into the bedroom without hindrance. The doors in the bedroom which never open in full always bring hurdles and brakes in life. 
  • After entering the room, the very first thing that must be on your sight is something that provides you a feeling of serenity and peace. When decorating your bedroom, according to Vastu, place some family pictures, paintings, favorite quotes, sculptures, or flowers that heighten your positive emotions and bring peace and feeling of serenity into the bedroom. 
  • The bedroom must be free from all clutters. So, remove all the clutters that you see in your bedroom. Check for under the bed clutters as it brings stress in life and weighs you down. Clear all those clutters under the bed and organize the area by removing unwanted books, magazines, and accumulated papers. It will help you generate an aura of order and create extra space in your bedroom.
  • Decorate your Bedroom – According to Vastu, positive energies flow from north to south, and the blood in our body comprises irons that make the body magnetic and positive. So, Vastu Shastra suggests people sleep in the direction where the head is positioned towards the south. If you sleep facing your head towards the north, the two positive polarities will deter each other, and it will disrupt the blood flow while impacting the health and sleep of the person. 
  • Try not to place mirrors on walls opposite your feet when sleeping as it can negatively affect your sleep. While sleeping, our body releases stress, and the mirror opposite to your foot, holds those stress and reflects it, according to Vastu, and it may affect your life when you wake up in the morning. So, remove mirrors from the opposite walls to your feet and place it to the side of your bed or cover the mirror at night to enjoy a refreshing and restful sleep without negativity.          
  • Slanted ceilings and exposed beams are the signs of oppression as it creates harsh effects on positive energies. People must avoid placing their beds directly under the exposed beams or under any biased roof as it prevents the person from having a restful and peaceful sleep at night. So, cover the beams using creative ideas, like the false ceiling or any other remedy. 
  • Avoid sleeping in the direction aligned with the sharp corners, like stools, chairs or tables. It may work as the energy spears in the room, and it generates stress and anxiety in the individual’s nervous system. Bedroom having furniture and objects with sharp edges never experience serenity and peace. The best decor idea is to place some plants near those objects or furniture to reduce the negative energies and impacts.  
  • Decorate your Bedroom – Both ventilation and natural lighting are crucial, and you must consider these factors when designing your bedroom. A higher amount of fresh air and natural lighting in the room attract positive energies. In contrast, the natural lighting lightens up space, and ventilation ensures sufficient air exchanges. Ensure that the ventilation and natural lighting are coming into the room from the east or north directions as they are considered best in Vastu.

These are some of the Vastu Tips for Home and Bedroom that you must implement when designing the space for positivity and good energies into your house. 

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