Why are OLM Files not Opening in Windows? How to Open it

If you are not able to open OLM files in Windows then you come to the right place. Before I start to explain how you can open OLM files in Windows, let’s learn about what an OLM file is and how it works.

Then I will guide you to open OLM files in Windows in a very detailed and step-by-step manner. By using manual methods and professional methods by using MSOutlookTools OLM Converter.

Why are OLM Files not Opening in Windows?

  • OLM files are not supported by the window it only works with Mac OS
  • If your OLM files are corrupted they will not open on Windows
  • Differences in file formats of OLM files and Windows Outlook
  • Mac OS use more advanced features than Microsoft files are not supported in Windows

How to Open OLM Files in Windows?

There are many limitations to opening OLM files in Windows manually. OLM files are specifically made for Mac OS so they can’t be accessed by any other Windows application. If you can transfer your OLM files to Windows.

There is no guarantee of opening that file, you can lose your data as well. To open OLM files in Windows manually is a very lengthy and problematic task to perform. In this part, you will learn the steps to open OLM files with this you will be able to access your OLM files.

  • First, you have to create a Gmail account
  • Then you need to configure your Gmail into your Outlook Mac application
  • Transfer Mac Outlook data to your Gmail account
  • Now you have to configure your same Gmail account in window Outlook
  • In the end, you have to migrate your Gmail data to your Windows Outlook

What are the Limitations of Using Manual Methods?

  • The manual method is lengthy and confusing for users
  • A user might need to hire a tech expert to export their OLM file to Windows
  • After taking so many precautions there is always a high chance users will lose their data
  • Manual methods do not maintain the file structure because of that your OLM files might not open in windows
  • To open your OLM files in window or on Mac OS you need to depend on Outlook to open your files

How to Open OLM Files Using a Professional Application?

Using a professional application is ideal for all users because its easy-to-use interface can be used by anyone you do not need to be a tech export. You can use OLM to PST Converter to open your OLM files with ease. Let’s have a look at how easily you can process your files.

  • Download your application from the official site
  • Install the application in your system and choose your language
  • Locate your OLM file and select your file
  • It will let you preview your OLM files with many options
  • Click the export button to begin the process of file conversion
  • Choose the export selected to save your OLM file in your preferred format

Benefits of Using a Professional Application

  • The application frees you from the dependency of Outlook you can easily view your OLM file without Outlook
  • Professional application helps you to Convert OLM to PDF, MBOX, EML, TXT and many more formats.
  • This wizard maintains the mailbox structure and remains unchanged.
  • It repairs and recovers your corrupted files
  • All Windows and Mac OS versions support this application

Last words

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In this article, I provided all the information you needed about OLM files and showed you the manual and automatic methods to open OLM files. With those methods, you can easily open your OLM files but I will not suggest you use the manual method.

In manual methods, you might lose your valuable data or your file might not open. On the other hand, using a professional application will help you to open OLM files with ease and it also recovers your corrupt files.

I highly suggest you use a professional application. Its user-friendly interface is ideal for non-technical users and has many features to try. If have have more queries about this professional application you can visit the official site mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:-Is it safe to open OLM file in Windows?

Answer:- yes, it is safe to open OLM files in windows but first you need to change the format of OLM file to PST to open your file in windows, or you can use the manual and automatic method to open your OLM file

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